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A Yoga Poster like no other.
A unique mandala integrating multicultural symbols of higher consciousness and the astrological chart for the Galactic Alignment in December 2012.

The 'Universal Yoga Mandala' poster is a reference chart for deepening Yoga practice with an understanding of how it relates to the 5 Elements. It is also a multicultural Sacred Geometrical Artwork that resonates with the fundamental frequencies of existence and provides a centre of harmony in the environment, and in the consciousness of those who gaze upon it.

Because it incorporates so many symbols, each person who contemplates it will discover their own meanings.

"The word 'Yoga' is from the same root as the word 'union',
and means any path that leads beyond the illusion of separation from the whole."

"'Mandala' is a name for a symmetrical design used as a focus for contemplation of the divine.
They are found in most cultures, often as symbolic maps of the universe"

Click below for a 4 minute intro to the symbology of the Mandala.

If you have a reasonably fast computer you can click the fullscreen link at the bottom of the movie. If there is no sound with the movie please refresh the page and allow a little more time for the mp3 to download (1 meg).

Click here to see a larger image of the Mandala (137kb)
(the actual poster is A1 size)

This is a graphically rich site. If you have a slow connection please be patient
as the images are a major part of the journey.
If you cant see the intro flash movie above please click here to download and install the free flashplayer.

The Yogaverse 'Universal Yoga Mandala' poster is
Deep-Mindmap of Reality!
A confluence of the wisdom streams of antiquity!
A work of alchemical art for these transformative times!
A multicultural icon invoking the galactic consciousness of the future into the now!

Three years in distillation – Thousands of years of knowledge going back to the roots of the science of Yoga and self transformation!

A genuine product of Byron Bay Australia! Printed on quality paper suitable for framing or lamination, A1 size (841 x 594mm).
Makes a great addition
to any yoga studio, temple, or meditative corner of the house.

The yogi (Azur Free Yogi) and the artist (Narada DanVantari) who made this poster experienced its creation as both a prayer and its answer, an offering unto the One in All and a simultaneous receiving of Beauty and Truth from their Universal Source. We invite you to join an ongoing journey to discover the Mandala's meanings and trust that you will find it to be a blessing in your life.

Purchasing this Mandala will bring
the symbols of the wisdom streams of the world
and the energies of the new awakening consciousness
into your studio, house, or temple.

Sales of this Mandala will help to finance the creation of
the One Earth Network online community

~ Order online here ~

Money back guarantee – if you are not happy with this poster within 30 days of receiving it
please return it to us in satisfactory condition for a prompt refund of the purchase price.
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The Symbology and text of the Mandala
The 5 Elements and Yoga Practice
Who are Yogaverse
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Order the poster now

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